We're all about the little guys.  The small family wineries.

The stories behind the wine, the vineyards, the people, and how we met.

After all, isn't that what makes good wines great?

We find the best artisanal producers, varietals, styles, and regions,  from across the U.S.

and around the world, to share with you.


We understand the frustration with limited wine selection and availability in Utah. 

That's why we started Vin 7000 - to create a convenient and efficient way to bring unique (nothing mass produced)

fine wines to the avid wine consumers in this state

vin 7000


Maggie Heile, CSW

Maggie is our head wine explorer. After taking "early retirement" from the corporate world, she became addicted to formal wine education, earning her Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW), WSET 2 and Intro Sommelier certifications - with more on the way...


Since 2018, Maggie has had the privilege of working harvest at Natalie's Estate Winery.  This experience first sparked the idea for a new wine brokerage in Utah; representing small, family wineries and sharing their wines and stories.


Craig Heile

Growing up in an Italian family, Craig gained an appreciation for good food and wine at an early age. He continued learning about, and experiencing, the magic of food and wine pairings through extensive global travel and living in Northern California for a number of years.


With a high level of culinary talent, and strong taste acuity, Craig is our master of food and wine pairings. He considers a bottle of wine "the art of the impossible", each time opening up a new experience and learning opportunity for himself and others.

our vintner friends

We are honored to work closely with some of the finest small-production farmers and winemakers in the world.