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Maggie started Vin 7000 in early 2019.  She packed up her ambition and all she had learned from a career in consumer brand management; alongside some amazing domestic and global travel to major wine regions of the world;  and headed out to change a few things about acquiring and enjoying fine wine in Utah.

Maggie is committed to understanding what the avid wine consumers in Utah are seeking, and creating innovative (and legal) ways to make it happen.  She is passionate about supporting mindful grape growing and small-batch, handcrafted wine making.  In fact, you won't see much of her in the fall because she is typically working alongside our vintner friends to help during harvest and bring back great stories about the really-reallys behind the wines.


We only get to do what we do because of these amazing people.  Here are the faces of the small family grape growers, winemakers, and vintners we are honored to work closely with. We know we're biased, but we believe they are some of the finest small-production farmers and winemakers in the world.  

Click on the images and you'll be taken to their websites to learn more.

Red Grape Vines
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